Our next show will be on the 1st May at Pizza express in Holborn.

Playing on the same bill of the amazing Shama Rahman and we are very exited to share the stage with her!

And I am not gonna say anything because it is a secret but there will be ,maybe, I don’t know , who knows , some Sitar and accordion action that may happen ;)

You can buy tickets on this link:


Facebook event :



new gig with a new band! by garance louis

We have started a new band with some of the Mitochondries and it is called CHEWY SHE!

Of course we will carry on the Mitochondries and this side band it is to have a bit of fun playing silly music , we call our style : trash/electro/disco or creepy/chelou/pop

And we are playing on Thursday 6th December at SET with as well on bill the French legend Mathieu Boogaerts and the dreamy Sarah Johns Music party!

It is our first public gig so would love to see some familiar faces :)

Here is the link of the event https://www.facebook.com/events/1126593490836913/

poster set_1.jpg


few weeks ago I played a gig at St Pancras Old Church supporting Oly Ralfe for his album launch’s, and it was a magical evening .

there is a beautiful review about the event and where he mention my performance
And I particularly like this:
“There is something about the physics of playing the accordion that I have always found impressive – it must be like simultaneously trying to touch-type two different novels while administering CPR to a medium-sized Labrador – and Louis does it with unabashed gusto.”

"The evening’s support act, French singer and accordionist Garance Louis, shares this original, immersive and conversational attitude to live music. Her gutsy, high-energy Francophone songs are given an extra dose of intimacy by her surroundings. The results are approachable but highly accomplished.[..] Her songs sound both tender and bawdy, a combination of chamber-pop and chanson.[...]"



The download of the Live recording of our track 'Aye Aya' That we played at the Total Refreshment center for our album launch with the 21 piece band!
You can give us donation or download it for free from this link!

It is the perfect track to make a ratatouille!
It doesn’t last until the ratatouille it is completely cooked but it will definitely last the time it take to cut the vegetable put it in the pans and have time to have a glass of wine while is cooking!

SO HERE IS A RECIPE that is not as tropical as the track but almost..
THE MARMOUNA Tunisian ratatouille from my family that you could make while listening to this track:

You need
1 pepper🌶️
2 tomatoes🍅🍅
1 potato🥔
1 courgette🥒
3 garlic

Cut all of this in fine strips. (This recipe just work in layers and then you don’t have much else to do)

Oil the the pan and recover the bottom of the pan with first 
The layer of Pepper
Then add the layer of potatos
Then a layer of courgettes
then add the tomatoes on top and the garlic
Add salt and pepper and cover it up and don’t touch it for 20/30 minutes in low heat.
Above ALL DO NOT STIR WHILE IS COOKING! Leave it as it is in layers and it will cook it is own..
And you can just sit back and listen to all the crazy solos that happening in this track with a glass of wine  :)

top 10 best new album on songlines Magazine! by garance louis

Omg! Our new album has been listed on the top 10 best new album of Songlines Mag new issue!

Thanks for the Lovely article !💜😀



"The genres dipped into are familiar, but it is the idiosyncrasies that this French singer, composer and accordionist brings to her waywards waltzes , slippery chansons , and teetering tangos that holds the attention.
Thanks to her musical ambitions, Garance's second album is a sprightly and atmospheric pleasure from beginning to end. [...]"

Traduction pour les français 🤗:
Les genres qui y sont plongés sont familiers, mais ce sont les idiosyncrasies que cet chanteuse, compositrice et accordéoniste française apporte à ses valses rebelles, ses chansons glissantes, et ses tangos titubants qui retiennent l'attention.
Grâce à ses ambitions musicales, le deuxième album de Garance est un plaisir enjoué et atmosphérique du début à la fin. Et même si il comprend quelque 25 musiciens, il y a beaucoup de lumière et d'espace entre les cordes nostalgiques évocatrices, les cuivres enjoués et la présence occasionnelle du triangle.
Cependant, je ne suis pas sûr que les nombreuses comparaisons d'Edith Piaf que Garance semble avoir reçues sont tout à fait exactes. Les deux chanteuses sont françaises et certains de ces titres sont des chansons, mais Piaf a une râpe, un vibrato et un volume qui n'a rien à voir avec le style plus léger et plus intime de Garance sur des petits titres vifs comme "Un Nid de lit". et le chœur céleste.
Et puis, juste quand on s'est familiarisé avec l'idylle de Halcyon étant présenté "Velour Noir" apparait avec un disco strident et une guitare déformée fâchée. La théâtralité évidente peut devenir fatigante, mais Garance l'arrête en laissant ses arrangements nuancés et originaux servir ses chansons plutôt que d'être au centre de la scène.


3 days left until our biggest show! by garance louis

We are now 3 days away until our album launch at the Total Refreshment centre with a 20 piece band ! Like the old French chanson!

Involving a string quartet, a brass section , some backing vocals , percussionists and more !


Click here to buy tickets :)


Colibri has been played on BBC radio 6! by garance louis

Thank to Cerys Matthews to have played on of our track " colibri" from our new album on BBC6 last Sunday !

You can listen to it back on this link:


“Here is a great new French release and she is absolutely brilliant “ Cerys Matthews